Quotes of Kevin

"'God, they're a bunch of 10 year olds...'"

"I've got my own show!"

What have you done this morning? "Jumped in the shower, and scalded myself really badly with hot water to wake myself up, then I turned it really cold so to help get over the jet lag, good for the circulation."

"When you are on the road it's difficult to keep up with the laundry so you find yourself without a clean pair of underpants. You have no choice but to pop back on yesterday's pair. They tend to be pretty snug, though, which is lucky." (Ewwwww)

"What a rude, rude young man!"

"It looks like your thing...you know, your thing...ya, your THING!!!

"I got a question...is there a big towel in here? Cause I need to stick my head in the sink..."

What was the most craziest thing a fan did? "Once, a fan through her bra to my face while I was playing the piano. Our girls are a real thing!"

"I don't really dream that much at night... But I woke up one night, feeling like I can't move my body and like something is sitting on my chest... And except that, Howie and I were kidnaped by aliens!... Just kidding..."

"ALRIGHT, BABY!!!" in an English accent

"Well, it's about a 4 hour drive to Berlin...I guess she's goin with us. Maybe she'll fall off..."

"His dancing SUCKED!"

"Girls are always impressed when I tell them... that I used to work at Disney World."

"Mom never let me have girls up in my room." Thank you, Mrs. Richardson! :o)

"Being back with my brothers again feels great. I love these guys. We have gone through so much together. We just have a chemistry... a bond that will always be."