Kevin Interview on Disney ( October 2001 )

Source : Disney Online II BTLTGVBSB

Kevin: Hey, Susan.

Susan: Hey, Kevin. How are ya?

Kevin: I'm good. How are you?

Susan: Doin' fine. Now your birthday is tomorrow, isn't it?

Kevin: It sure is.

Susan: I wanna wish you Happy Birthday.

Kevin: Thank you very much.

Susan: You gonna do anything special?

Kevin: Uh-huh. I think we're planning on having a cook-out or somethin'. If?If weather permits in Boise, Idaho. That's where we're gonna be. We'll probably have some potato cake, potato pie, potato casserole, potato chips, potato French fries, fried potatoes?

Susan: (laughs) In honor of Idaho.

Kevin: Yeah.

Susan: Where you'll be. Now, how old are you gonna be?

Kevin: I'm gonna be? the three-o.

Susan: Thirty.

Kevin: Thirty.

Susan: Oh my goodness.

Kevin: Yeah.

Susan: Doesn't it seem weird? I guess you never really thought you'd get to be thirty or? I don't know? I never?

Kevin: I don't know? I just ? it's? yeah, I was just thinking about it, you know? this, this whole week comin' up I've been thinking about "I'm gonna be thirty years old!" and, just like?

Susan: Is it freaking you out?

Kevin: I don't, I don't feel like I'm thirty mentally. Sometimes my body feels like I'm thirty years old after I do shows but?I don't feel thirty. It's weird.

Susan: Have you gotten any presents yet for your birthday?

Kevin: Ah? for my birthday, I've gotten a lot of great cards from fans as I'm going in the hotels and stuff. Ah? I just got a card from my mom today. It was really funny.

Susan: What's the silliest, like, goofiest gift that you got from one of the guys?

Kevin: I got some "Over the Hill" pills. You know, those little things that you get at Spencer's.

Susan: Uh-huh.

Kevin: I got some of those from Howie one time.

Susan: You can get those for him when he turns thirty.

Kevin: I know. Yeah.

Kevin: Hi, this is Kevin from the Backstreet Boys and this is our new single "Drowning" only on Radio Disney.