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Everything we do impacts the Earth. The way we live, the way we travel, the products we use, our consumption of water and fuel - all affect the health of our environment.
Taking personal responsibility for our actions and changing our lifestyles and behaviors so they fall in line with good environmental judgment is protection and preservation at its most personal level. By making good decisions and minimizing our impact on the planet, its ecosystems and resources, we have the ability to directly protect and preserve the planet and its health, as well as our own.
Personal responsibility for our actions begins at home. There are a number of great things you can do on your own to make a positive impact. Despite what some believe, one person can make a difference. And there's no better time to start making that difference than right NOW!
Everyone impacts the environment - it's just part of living on the Earth. What separates us is that some people, companies and governments choose to be accountable for their behaviors and do what they can to minimize their "footprints" on the Earth, while others choose to ignore or just don't understand the damage they inflict. And how to best protect the environment is one of the most complex and controversial problems the world faces today. This is one of the reasons Kevin started JWR, to help you understand these complex issues better so you can engage in educated discussions and actions to make a difference in your community and in your world.
While Kevin and JWR do have views and opinions on how to protect the Earth, JWR's goal is not to tell you how to think. Our mission is to give you the tools to help you come to your own decisions about how you want to help our world be a safer, cleaner place. In the Personal Responsibility pages you can learn how you can do your part at home - and be accountable for your own actions. But our "home" is much more than our house. Our homes are our towns, our parks, our rivers, our beaches, our forests, our country and our environment. And the actions of everyone impact the health of this home we share. So if you really want to make a difference, watching what you do in your own house is just the first step. Helping others become responsible and accountable is where the fun begins!

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Jim Hanna, Scientific/Technical Director
Vicki Hanna, Public Relations Director

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